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Crystal Angwin

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Join Crystal Angwin, Self Love Embodiment & Breathwork Coach from for a Self Love Exploration and deep Breathwork Journey on the Body Stage.


Self Love has been the medicine that transformed Crystal’s life by healing her relationship with herself and her body. Crystal’s Personal Journey of going from Self Hatred to Self Love has been the main driver in her passion for sharing and spreading the tools that have changed her life forever. During the Self Love Experience she will guide you into a deep connection with yourself and your body by awakening the Self Love that already exists within you and holding you in a safe container as you experience a deep connection with yourself. This experience is something you will hold with you and can weave into your Self Love Practice.


During the Breathwork Journey Crystal will open the safe space to guide you on a deep journey to return home to yourself and your body. This healing journey allows you to regulate your nervous system and shift anything that is stuck in your nervous system that hasn’t been able to complete its process. This journey will leave you feeling grounded, connected, more self loving all while meeting yourself and holding yourself deeply. No matter which workshop you choose to attend of Crystals you’ll walk away feeling a deep love for yourself and your body.

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