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Mindfulness meditation has positively transformed Desiree’s life after living with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from a car accident in 2020.


After her TBI, Desiree experienced severe physical, emotional and mental health challenges on a daily basis. She says life became overwhelming and unbearable. She completely lost her sense of identity and self-worth, and feel hopeless about the future.


After seeing a myriad of specialists and having little to no progress, Desiree immersed herself in the world of mindfulness meditation.


This was a complete game changer that significantly contributed to her mental, emotional and physical health recovery in just a few weeks; giving her a new lease on life, and the inspiration to found Vida Flow.


Originally from Venezuela, Desiree lives in Adelaide and has been in Australia for over 14 years. A Marketing Strategist and Group Fitness Instructor, Desiree has also completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) with Openground, and holds a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training certification from the international School Yoga Institute.

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