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Prana Breathwork


Tiff & Fe from Prana Breathwork have been practising & facilitating breathwork together for over 5 years. Having trained in New Zealand they learned the benefits of breathwork and were able to deepen connection to the land, mind and body. Once they experienced profound healing and deep trauma releases it became their mission to share this healing work with others.

They developed their own style of breathwork which takes influences from Shamanic, Wim Hof, Ayurvedic, Transformation, Holisitc & Holotropic breathing styles and incorporates their own healing medicine to create sacred containers of healing and growth.


At Goodness Me explore your own unique connection to the divine through conscious & connected breathing and how these tools can play a vital role in improving your mental health, deepening your connection to the energetic-body and opening the mind up to enlightened states of consciousness.


Join Tiffany & Fernando as they take you through the science and the practical application of breathwork where they invite you into the ceremony of sacred breath. Infusing spiritual essence and ritual with the breath and reminding you to take some time for yourself and be present with your body thus helping you enter a deeper state of relaxation and developing a strong mind-body connection.


Through this safe and healing ceremonial session, you are invited to expand your capacity for what you are capable of, challenge your mindset and delve into deep inner healing. With tools and techniques to normalise ceremony and ritual, they equip you with the practical knowledge for how to bring this sacred practice into your daily life and create lasting inner-peace and mental clarity.


A Sacred Prana Breathwork session typically includes healing energy from Tiffany who is a certified reiki healer, the burning of Sage and other incense; shamanic drumming, sound baths & instruments and the moving of stagnant energy.

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