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Jasmine Hornby


Join Jasmine Hornby from Kind Mind Wellness.


Sharing the medicine of music and movement, join Jasmine on the world stage for Deep House Yoga. An hour exploration of moving the body, mind, and breath to soul good tunes.


“I have been practising yoga for around 8 years (minus my childhood years with mum in front of the VHS). Initially, I pursued yoga as a physical practice, but as I continued on my path, I realised that practising yoga was much more than physical.


In 2016 I completed my 200-hour Hatha & Yin Teacher Training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, through the School of Sacred Arts. Since then, I have completed my Pre-Natal teacher training and advanced 300-Hour Teacher Training in Peru with the Kula Collective. I am nearly finished my counselling study and look forward to integrating this knowledge into this practice.


I love my practice and teaching as it allows me space to soften, become present, digest and explore my experiences, sensations, and thoughts.


I teach to provide individuals with a greater sense of self, moving back into their bodies and bringing the mind, body and breath back into union. I teach not just to help the physical but the mental and emotional. I love watching people leave class feeling recharged and calm. My practice has helped me grow stronger both on and off the mat and serves as a daily reminder to live each moment more mindfully. Since my initial teacher training, I have taught in many settings, in the local community, offering wellness retreats, workshops, weekly classes, and wellbeing courses for organisations.”

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