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Geetika Gupta


Geetika is passionate about bridging the gap between ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the modern life-style through conscious cooking, mindful movement and daily rituals of self-care.

Ayurveda invites us to access the healing power of nature within. It offers us a path that integrates body with mind and spirit in harmony with nature, the seasons and times of the day.

Geetika runs Ayurvedic cooking classes and introduction courses. She provides Ayurveda inspired catering services at retreats. Through her entrepreneurial venture AyurReady Geetika has been offering handmade, natural, preservative-free products inspired by Ayurveda, ranging from ready-to-cook packs and drinks to natural beauty products.

Geetika’s signature retreat offerings include twice a year overnight retreat ‘Pause. Breathe. Reflect.’ and day retreats providing opportunities to engage in yoga, meditation and Vedic wisdom.

The hour-long talk will focus on the key principles of Ayurveda, self-care secrets and cooking tips. Attendees will learn about elements, doshas and develop an understanding of how Ayurveda can be applied to healthy daily living.

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