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Ahlam Sacred Dance & Wellness


We are Coco-Karina and Hanan Ahlam. Combined we have 21 years of experience in facilitating events & workshops. We are passionate about empowering women to step into their sacred feminine through embodied movement and guiding them back to their inner self. Our Sacred Dance Classes focus on ritual and movement synergising mind, body, and soul that guide you back to embody your most powerful feminine expression.


In this workshop we will awaken your divine feminine power, guide you to reclaim your energy and help you to break out of the boxes to step into your fullest spiritual being.


To dance, is to be. Move and flow surrendering to the whispers of your feminine soul. Remember that movement is a healing tool, our bodies are always speaking to us, when we drop in and listen through the modality of dance, great shifts can happen.


With practice, movements become easier, tension and blockages soften and release. As you free yourself emotionally you will free yourself physically. To let go and flow we must first reprogram how we naturally hold ourselves and this can only be achieved through embracing the feminine principles of receptivity and flexibility.


Feminine energy is soft, relaxed, and receptive. Strong, but not structured and rigid. Energy cannot flow through contracted muscles, surrender to your body and its natural rhythms through the modality of Sacred Middle Eastern dance.

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