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Rachel Hornby


Rachel is an Holistic Medicine Practitioner (Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist) at Riverdell spiritual Centre. Her passion is to bring together beautiful souls, to heal, nurture and support each other as a collective.  To embrace all that mother earth and the universe has to offer. She offers personal consultations & healings, retreats, workshops, sacred ceremony, meditation, Chakradance and so much more.



At this year’s Goodness me Festival Rachel will be offering an Introduction to Chakradance 1-hour workshop. Chakradance is a movement therapy like no other, it is a fusion of 4 elements: the chakras, movement, music and mandala art.


Here you will embark on a journey of discovering the rhythm of your soul, dance spontaneous rhythmic movements of your own, be empowered by the healing energies of the chakras and how to move these energies to help promote health and wellbeing. You will then infuse this energy into a beautiful created mandala art piece.

Rachel (Rach) invites you to join her on a journey of discovery and to embrace all that is abundant to you.





Come have a chat with Rachel at her stall; she will be offering some beautifully blended & refreshing Elixirs and Teas.  Rachel will be using a selection of Super Foods, Juices, Herbs and Spices. Come and enjoy a hot or cold beverage.


Sacred Blessing to all xx


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