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Jasmine Hornby

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Join Jasmine Hornby from Kind Mind Wellness on the Body Stage. Nourish your nervous system, open your heart, and connect to your centre as we indulge in the divine experience of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony.


As we sip on the enchanting plant medicine of Cacao, we will explore the benefits of this sacred medicine, ground in with meditation, explore hearts through breath work, movement and notice where we could let love lead a little more in our lives. 


We join in sacred circle as we open our hearts to create a safe and intimate space where any fears, hopes, and dreams can be honoured.


Through opening the heart, cacao enables us to really listen, work through blockages and release. Cacao awakens and balances the heart and root chakra, as it opens yet grounds down.


This will be a celebration of self-love and self-exploration.

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